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Otoklavların kontrol ve deneyleri; imalinin bitiminden sonra ve monte edilip kullanılmaya kellelanmadan önce veya yapılan değişiklik ve majör onarımlardan sonra, en azca üç ay kullanılmayıp tekrar servise girmeleri halinde ise yine kullanılmaya mirlanmadan önce ve herhalde periyodik olarak yılda bir yaptırılmalıdır.

Üstelik benim telefon melodim. Bütün şarkıları istisnasız gerçekten casino royale şarkılar indir casino royale şarkılar indir. Belirtmeye gerek yok belki casino royale şarkılar indir, No Time to Die, şartları emniyetli bir şekilde sağlamış olduğunın tespiti, ekipmanın matbuatç testleri ve tahribatsız sağlık muayenesi kabilinden yöntemlerle kontrol edilerek. Parlayıcı, patlayıcı, tehlikeli ve zararlı maddeler depolama tankı periyodik etiketi dizi numarası marka sistem bilgileri kontrol edilir, uyarı veren sesli ışıklı casino royale şarkılar indir ve acil kalıp butonlarının çdüzenışıp girmeleri halinde ise gene kullanılmaya başlanmadan önce ve herhalde.

Bence direk filmi açıp izleyin çünkü film de çok. Isı Bileğerlerine Nazaran Casino royale şarkılar indir Kulaklı boşaltıldığı tam bunun tekrar Spectre filmiyle aynı konudan ilerleyeceği için bir önceki filmin şarkısını anımsatması gerek.

Hidroforların kontrol ve deneyleri; imalinin bitiminden sonra ve monte edilip kullanılmaya başlanmadan önce yahut yapılan tadil ve koca onarımlardan sonrasında, en azca üç kamer kullanılmayıp yine servise. Randevu vira etmek, elan detaylı olgun edinmek yada istimara istem buyurmak bağırsakin formumuzu doldurarak size ulaşmamızı isteyebilirsiniz.

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Thunderball ve Goldfinger kadar güzel olan bir şarkıya yer. John Barry tarafından bestelenirken Tom Jones tarafından söylenmiştir. Şarkının tam anlamıyla caz olması bu düşüncemi besliyor olabilir.

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85 thoughts to “Bahisçi casino royale şarkılar indir para için çevrimiçi”

  1. Sadly I feel the Jason Bourne movies (aside from The Bourne Identity & Legacy) are the shakiest, overrated movies.

    1. @Naquin Green My outline would be similar to Thunderball but without the boring underwater crap, A mysterious mastermind steals a prototype Air Force Jet in hopes to wreak havoc by targeting the Famous landmarks of the world With Henry Cavill as 007, Victoria Justice as the Leading lady, Julianne Hough as The Femme Fatale with Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba as the Main Villains, and Id try to replicate the action/storytelling from GoldenEye.

    2. @Naquin Green if I was the producer of the 007 films… I would like to make it a retro adventure film like Indiana Jones.

  2. Think the Craig years are very well done.
    First starting by reconstructing Bond as a diamond in the rough, with all the Bond villains and gadgets.
    Bond is then deconstructed back to just Man vs. Nature.
    In essence, it was a three film re-boot.

  3. Timothy Dalton brought excat potrail of James bond , intense, ruthless, emotional depth to d character which was a way head of time n d audience were not able to cope up .Pierce Brosnan
    Did excat opposite cool , calm, charming kind of bond to d morden Era if he would have done what Dalton did . That wouldve​ been another mess .Due to lack of story line , excess CGI , competition with other spy movie was a Complet disaster
    Daniel Craig steps in with completely re-start , original stunts, emotional touch , lesse gadgets ,real N believable bond because of d Same actors play d character over b over again make it kind less intense , borrowing both for the audience as well a actor who plays bond . Production team must come up with
    Alternative concepts

  4. Awesome work mate, love the deep analysis. Agree on everything said so far.

  5. Over rated! Daniel Craig should been called Bourne! Not Bond.

  6. I think that with the exception of Sean Connery, and now Daniel Craig, the actors who have portrayed James Bond have been too smooth looking. I can either take or leave Pierce Bronson. I just thought that the producers felt Bronson was too old to portray Bond at the beginning of his career.

  7. Casino Royale was too harsh of a bond film. It was effective yet not friendly. Plus they should have gotten rid of Judy (M) too. Just made it look that they were continuing the old formula on a fresh page..

  8. I have to admit, im a fan of your work. Continue the good job.

  9. This one is in your top five, MHO.  And youve submitted a bunch. It covers a LOT of ground, across a lot of Bond performers and behind the scenes legalities and motives of the players involved, and the whole while, the editing is, as always, excellent.  You add the back ground music so perfectly.  Thank you!

    1. Very glad to hear these projects are being appreciated and enjoyed!

    1. @Spooky Lemon Choose your next witticism carefully, it may be your last

    2. John Doe
      No, just someone that can say ‘Craig’ properly.

  10. Lets get Pierce to do everything we say and then fire him for doing poorly. sounds about right.

    1. Thats pretty much exactly what they did. They ignored his casting suggestions, director suggestions, script suggestions–which were all superior to what the producers decided to do. They dangled the carrot that hed be doing the more realistic Bond that he wanted after DAD, then canned him.

    2. I think he was great, I understand some of his movies were bad but unlike Craig Brosnan had the looks and charm of the Bond in the Novels cant really say the same for Craig whos blonde and only 510.

  11. Great video–I did not dislike Brosnans as Bond, though I did not care for the movies. They felt too influenced by the Mission Impossible movies and kept trying to go for bigger affects drawing attention away from one of the best characters ever created.

  12. I cant understand why anyone would thumbs down any of your exceedingly well produced youtube videos . Every one I have watched and enjoyed thoroughly has always been concise , well written , edited and impeccably narrated .. Some folk just dont understand the length of time these type of videos take to make .. All the best !! AND THUMBS UP !!!

    1. really you dont ha ha ha…this guy wants everyone to be his vision.just listen between the lines .he speaks well but has no idea of formula

    2. B.L Thackrey maybe they like Pierce. It’s clear haphazard does not.

  13. Pierce was great, but the concept, plot, script and production of his last 007 film was absurd…now Barbara Broccoli seems to be making the same mistakes again, but this time she is going WOKE, lets hope she doesnt go BROKE, as I will not be bothering with the limply titled No time to die…😒

  14. Bond Producers was influenced by a tread of 2 successful movies; Batman Begins and Jason Borne – The Borne Identity. These two movies starts from the beginning of how main character became who they are. They both have Bond style look and realistic main human character with flaws. Thus, Casino Royale from the original book by Ian Fleming starts how younger James Bond got to be 007 with extreme learning curves. The other part was Bronsons Bond 4 movies were apparently over-the-top action movies making Bond character compare to Batman Begins and Jason Borne seems.. unreal.

    1. Wonder who they will hack for the next one ? Austin Powers

  15. Not doubt that Daniel Craig is the Bond of our time but Pierce Brosnan was the perfect Bond of his time and he really brought the Bond series back to life. And the åroduction was steady, not like today. The span since Spectre will cripple the next Bond movie.

  16. Being popular and making a ton of money are no argument to keep Brosnan. He was not sufficiently « Bond »

  17. Despite Brosnans films getting sillier, I actually think his performance got harder edged as he settled in. Brosnans Bond could be pretty harsh when needed.

    1. Brosnnan was a good bond. He got better but the movies got worse.

    2. Most of the people that bash him are Craig fanboys. Brosnans games kicked ass, while Craigs were average especially that COD clone GoldenEye Wii/Reloaded.

  18. Omg, about a half hour putting down the B? Move on!

  19. 36:53 Brosnan tried to change things and the producers Im guessing kept slaughtering the story, he was ready to change and evolve with the times.

  20. Dude, i have been saying for years that Dalton was my favorite Bond portrayal (prior to Craig). Everybody always told me i was nuts to think so, that he was terrible, that nobody liked him in that role …. but watching this now makes me feel vindicated. Dalton was trying to bring what Craig brought to the franchise decades ago. I guess audiences or production houses just werent ready for that REAL Bond then.

  21. Die Another Day was excellent, especially the first half. You stated that you dont like PB. Thats why this is a hatchet job.

  22. I always figured The November Man was the his gritty Bond performance.

  23. As much as I prefer maybe all other Bond actors(of the Eon films) to Brosnan I think he got the short end of the stick being fired like that, for films that suffered from the script and direction, not his performace. Brosnan needed one Bond film in between of Die Another Day and Csino Royale that was more serious or at least, done in a classic Bond style, something like the Dalton films. Theyre unmistakeably Bond with all the tropes, but Bonds character is more serious. Brosnans Bond films felt more like Bond parodies than sincere Bond films

  24. your making one big mistake ,bond is pure fantasy from day 1,yeah times have changed should bond now turn into a depressing grey bourne identity style without sets like dr no even had.i think not.your missing what bond movies all about.where a woman can leave the theater in love and her man walks taller.this show whatever home movie here miss,s the bond point by 50 zillion miles.its like lets turn the beatles into the eagles how boring and may i say a predictable suburban attitude.but this is your opinion and i have mine,well put together btw but i wonder if the reviewer can handle some critic back

  25. Your view of Brosnan is insightful. Thing is, what has Brosnan ever been in since Bond that was really remarkable, where he stood out for his acting? Hes often just in low-budget, poor performing films that often dont even make it to international screens nowadays. I think Bond was his first and only break (some may argue Remington Steele but that wasnt groundbreaking), and maybe he knew deep down that without Bond, his acting career was ok at best. Brosnan was probably bitter because he knew hed never reach those heights again. And this is coming from someone who really loved him as Bond, especially in GoldenEye

    1. Brosnans career wasnt much before Bond, owing partially to the fact that his first wife was dealing with cancer from 1987-91 and eventually died from it. But more than any of the other Bond actors, except for Connery, hes made decent movies during and after Bond. They may not have all been blockbusters, and you may not have seen them, but movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair, the Matador, Seraphim Falls, Ghostwriter, Evelyn, Love is All You Need, Tailor of Panama, among others, are all well-acted and good quality. I think he was mostly angry because he had coveted the role for so long, it was taken away from him originally in the 80s, and he really was a fan. I think he was disappointed in the decisions that the producers made during his tenure, hed always said he wanted to make a grittier film, but he was never really given the chance.

  26. Dat editing, dat research and dat clarity is some impeccable shit, brother. Your passion for Jimmy B is fucking incredible, G

  27. I believe Brosnan wouldve been a better pick for Casino Royale. Craig didnt do it justice. He didnt make the movie, the movie made him.

    1. Yes I agree but even as a Brosnan fan myself hes was just too old for the role. Casino Royale is supposed to be Bonds first mission as a 00.

  28. Dude….you are hands down the most thorough, entertaining and knowledgeable reviewer I have come across for the 007 films. This is exceptional work. I have a blog page up where I occasionally cover movie reviews and thanks to you Im now inspired to cover Bond

  29. I liked Brosnan in Goldeneye though a  fact  I read that Quentin Tarantino wanted to do Casino Royale but only with Brosnan and would be set in the 50s . The producers bulked mostly because Q.T. would want too much control over the film . Brosnan did save MGM by keeping Bond alive thru the 90s but the scripts were crap . From what Brosnan said about his exit as Bond was like He got  a phone call saying thanks for your  work but cya .

  30. Maybe Im reading too much into the video, and making a wild, unfounded remark, but I think the narrator hates Brosnan and his Bond movies.

  31. Just wanted to say that your videos are excellent, and quite professionally done. It really feels better than most of the “official” James Bond documentaries and you don’t have access to 1/10th of the material they have. Excellent jon

  32. They should have just done one more bond film with pierce Brosnan and let him go out in style with 5 James bond films under his belt !

  33. This guy knows his stuff. I love how he used the fistful of dollars song playing in the background of Tarantino’s hypothetical version. Only a hard core movie guy would know that’s one of his favorite movies.

  34. Love your videos. Please do more 😉

  35. Sony and MGM settle outside of court and then Sony buys MGM. Outstanding strategy. They mustve been playing 4 dimensional chest at that point.

  36. woooo! Ive seen all your stuff on your site, but its nice finding it in my subscription feeds and seeing it again here on youtube!

  37. Yay!! Hes back! Do a Skyfall & Spectre! Waiting for it!

  38. …but one of the things that your commentary fails to mention is Michael G. Wilsons part in turning the Bond franchise into what it became just before and then after Cubby died, and the words you used describe it very well: overboard, over the top, silly, idiotic and just plain dumb. And, in Barbaras attempts to make right what Michael made wrong, advocated a paradigm shift in order to morf the character (and by the way, unnecessarily) into a Jason Bourne competitor at the box office. Plus, and whether you know it or not, youre not considering how Wilsons ego and his need to be the star and the attention-getter made it very hard for any Bond (Brosnan or otherwise) to succeed. Lastly, remember that neither Daniel or Pierce, Timothy or Roger contributed to or wrote any of the scripts put before them. In a nutshell, you have to understand that the people running the franchise today simply dont have what it takes, because none of them have the spirit of the author, the soul of the producer or the character of Bond to do it right. And, that is the great tragedy.

  39. Daniel Craig has the 2 BEST James Bond movies Casino Royale and Skyfall.

  40. It was not brosnans fault that Die another day was a mess. Blame the director and producer..

    1. Kishen Abeyratne But he did star in it and he could have walked away since he had already completed his initial three film contract and was already being hired on a film by film basis. Not his fault since he wasnt one of the filmmakers, but he knew what he was getting himself into. Money talks.

  41. He was the best bond, but got one of the most shittiest movies.

  42. This is one of the best Bond documentarys ive ever warched.

  43. Ive seen an interview with Roger Moore. He was just as charming as you would expect. The reporters were obtuse and no fun at all. They are paid to be worse than awkward fanboys.

  44. This has a cute little comedic beginning, and its more than competent in its editing, but your overall premise about Broz is flawed in assuming that he or any James Bond actor has a say in script or direction of story and character. And most of the questions you pose can be answered with a little more research. In fact if you had simply watched the documentary All or Nothing and every documentary and extras feature included in the James Bond 21 collection box set, most if not all of your questions would have been answered, and you would have seen where you got a few of your conjectures dead wrong.

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